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About Us



About Us

Bringing Blockchain Solutions to Enterprise

We co-founded EOSphere {/dev}, a successful EOSIO blockchain infrastructure and services provider, in October 2018 as a joint venture with Ross and Shelley Dold.

Being at the centre of the EOSIO community, we found ourselves getting multiple EOSIO product development requests from businesses and start-ups, so we decided to service this need.

After taking 50+ potential new customer phone calls, the market need was validated. We decided to focus the business on strategic consulting services and expert EOSIO blockchain engineering skills. We have been successfully providing these much-needed services to companies and enterprises adopting this groundbreaking new open-source platform.

In February of 2020, we rebranded EOSphere {/dev} as, with a more intentional focus on serving enterprise clients. From the start, due to our corporate background, we sought to support blockchain technologies with strong organisational alignment.

EOSIO technology

Blockchains using EOSIO technology, are very secure, high performing, scalable, flexible, transparent, and easily auditable. has deliberately chosen EOSIO as its primary technology implementation capability, due to its ability to meet these criteria. We continue to evaluate other blockchain technologies and EOSIO partners that meet our enterprise standards.

Tailored, fit-for-purpose blockchain solutions

We are passionate about helping customers avoid unrealistic blockchain use cases and to focus on the real-world use cases only. Use cases that shift current thinking and provide tangible outcomes. We are committed to saying no when blockchain isn’t going to add value to a given outcome. We are devoted to building a global remote team, accessing hidden talent and creating new ways of working.

Our vision

Shifting mindsets by building robust blockchain use cases and outcomes that transform an enterprise.

To see enterprise reimagined.

Executive Team


Chief Operating Officer and Head of Consulting

Over the last 20 years, Torben has worked in professional services delivering major global technology implementations. Industries include central and investment banking, oil and gas, FX and energy trading.

Torben was responsible for the delivery of the United Kingdom’s central banking regulatory systems, for the Bank of England.

He is passionate about creating highly productive teams, projects, and systems. He is committed to discovering new economic models and real-world applications of blockchain.


Chief Technology Officer and Head of Engineering

For 16 years, Brendon worked in incredible enterprise teams as an Integration Specialist for Oracle and IBM. Industries include government, insurance, telecoms and mining.

In 2015, looking for a new challenge, he built and successfully exited out of a Fintech Startup – Paytradie.

He has a rare balance of technical, analytical, and business skills, and is passionate about building a thriving startup incubator to support new blockchain startups.


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