Enterprise Reimagined

Blockchain to Enterprise Solutions

Enterprises are using blockchain to create irreversible, tamperproof, transparent and highly secure data sets.

Enterprise Reimagined

Blockchain to Enterprise Solutions

Enterprises are using blockchain to create irreversible, tamperproof, transparent and highly secure data sets.

Strategic Consulting

Aligning your business models, value chains, supply chains and compliance requirements to real-world problems.

Software Development

Deep enterprise architecture design, hardware integration e.g. IoT and blockchain engineering expertise.

Smart Contract Development

Digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a legal contract, or financial settlement.

Project Management

Partnering with you to lead, train and manage internal teams, suppliers and stakeholders.

Feasibility Study

Deliver a working proof of concept in as little as 4 weeks, to make things real and drive adoption for sponsors and business partners.

Continuation Engineering

Keep your software running at its best, while continuing to support and train staff.

Rewired.one were brought on at the very start of my TokenYield project. They helped Zane and I shape our ideas and kept us focused on realistic outcomes, that produced the right results for us. With regular catchups they helped us to set priorities, deliver product changes often and to stay in line with a rapidly changing market place. I can highly recommend any financial services provider to use rewired.one to launch a new blockchain product or transform an existing service onto the blockchain.

Ashe Oro

Co Founder, www.tokenyield.io

We wanted to retain the knowledge internally with our engineering teams and get stakeholders buy-in for the value of blockchain. Rewired.one helped us achieve this by providing expert EOSIO engineers and consultants to train us, and by successfully delivering our proof of concept. Rewired.one really understand the benefits of blockchain in the enterprise. Blockchain is now central to our digital transformation.

Scott Owen

Senior Manager - Strategy & Cloud, https://www.tabcorp.com.au/

The Telos core developers worked with Rewired One in the early months after launching the Telos mainnet to help augment our staff with an engineer, product manager, and solution designer to execute our arbitration portal.

The Rewired team worked under tight timelines on an innovative but demanding project that had no clear existing model to draw from.

Douglas Horn

GoodBlock Founder, www.goodblock.io


Addressing the need for agile regulatory solutions
  • Transforming traditional compliance data to immutable data sets.
  • Transparent and straight through reporting to regulatory bodies.
  • Remove legacy compliance snapshots e.g. DVDs.


Addressing robust and traceable dispute resolution
  • Smart contracts that remove intermediary services.
  • Immutable digital contract execution, for robust dispute resolution.
  • Corporate filings that allow corporations to list shareholders and other corporate records on the blockchain.


Addressing entirely new financial models
  • Immutable multi-signature transaction signing.
  • Digital money and digital exchanges.
  • Geographically locked currencies.

Supply Chain

Intricate record-keeping and immutable tracking of products
  • Provenance tracking via embedded sensors and RFID tags.
  • Cost reduction – remove fraud, middlemen and product duplicity.
  • Improves the flow of goods, security and overall compliance across many participants.

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